The Freeridespirit Snowboard Expedition to Pik Lenin 7134 m - Kirghizistan   
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3 August 2001
Yes, we snowboarded the Kirghiz powder trought the north face at Pik Lenin!

On 3 August the Italian Emilio Previtali snowboarded off the summit of Pik
Lenin 7134 m, via a new line directly down the North Face. Just a day previously,
team member Luca Dalla Palma (who, together with Elena Spalenza formed this
three-man expedition) descended via the Normal route from 6500m using telemark
skies. enter the italian version

The trio had left Italy on 17 July for Kirghizistan and reached Base Camp
at Achik-Tash, 3700 m on 19 July.
They established their "true home", Camp
1 at 4200m one day later, before pushing up to Camp 2 at 5200m on 23 July
and Camp 3 at 6100m at Pik Razdelnaya. From here the Normal route continues
via the western crest to the summit of Pik Lenin.

Bad weather forced the trio to postpone their summit bid, but on 1 August
Luca Dalla Palma and Elena Spalenza left directly for Camp 3. The next day
Luca reached the summit and teklemarked from 6500m. Elena's attempt stopped
at 6500m, where she too descended.

On 3 August Emilo Previtali's dream came true as he reached the summit and
snowboarded down the immense 8km wide North Face to Camp 1 - a height difference
of 2900m! Emilio had the following to say about his extraordinary (and demanding)
35í- 50í descent

"Can you imagine my joy when I finally reached the bottom of the face and
turned around to see my tiny traces in that immense sea of white? It's a
great and rare privilege, the mountain let me pass and I slid down its slopes,
feeling her cold breath. I'm sure that she noticed me, but she let me go.
Like an elephant and an ant."


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Leggi i racconti dei protagonisti

Buon Compleanno, di Elena Spalenza.

7134m - ore 13.34, di Emilio Previtali. 

Al Dio del Freeride, di Luca Dalla Palma

Emilio Previtali -Autoscatto dopo la Nord.

Elena Spalenza aspetta Emilio

In discesa dal C3
Vita da Campo Base.

Summit 7134m

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Pik Lenin Base camp.
"Missione Compiuta"

Emilio Previtali   [165kb]

La linea di discesa attraverso la parete Nord . Da 7134m a 4300 m in meno di un ora!


Boots & Overboots


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Avvcvinamento al campo 1. [Foto Luca Dalla Palma]
La cartolina della spedizione